Join the Team as a Peer Mentor for the Warrior Support Team™

WST Peer Mentoring Program

Have you reintegrated back to civilian life after combat? Would you like to share your experiences as a way to help another veteran reintegrate successfully? Join the Warrior Support Team as a peer mentor.

Becoming a Mentor

The job of the Warrior Support Team: Peer Mentoring (WSTPM) volunteer mentor is to be a friend and advocate to the participants he or she will be working with. Mentors must have completed at least one combat tour in any branch of service to be eligible to serve in this role. Proof of service will be provided through a copy of said service member's DD214 form. Mentors and participants will both be required to complete an application that will allow the WSTPM Program Administrator to pair the best suited participants with mentors. Mentors will provide participants assistance with retrieving various resources through the VA and other organizations, assistance with applying for benefits, and various other tasks. Each mentor's job will to be serve as a friend and advocate for the participant he or she is partnered with. The goal of the program is to assist warriors reintegrate into civilian society. We believe that by having undergone similar experiences in combat, participants and mentors will be able to open up and connect with each other in ways those who haven't served in such a capacity may not be able to.

To complete an online application to become a mentor please fill out the following form:

(The WST program administrator will contact you when your application has been received.)

Becoming a Participant

Potential program participants will be required to complete an application through the Warrior Support Team™. The application is a simple process that will allow the WSTPM Program Administrator to pair the best suited mentor with a participant. Participants are required to have served at least one combat tour in any branch of the armed forces. Participants must verify service by presenting a copy of their DD214.

If you feel that you could benefit from being a participant of WSTPM, or know someone who may benefit from the program, please contact us by email or by phone (573) 449-2003. We can discuss what being a WSTPM participant entails and how being a participant may benefit you or someone you know.

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